a view so cruel

1 June 1985
Check the interests. Says more about myself than I can possibly hope to.
42, a perfect circle, a scanner darkly, aghora, ancient history and culture, astronomy, ayreon, bass, bluegrass, brian borcherdt, broken social scene, diablo 3 now pls, dream theater, dreamwidth, dredg, epiphone, ermine, explosions in the sky, ghost bees, going to sleep when everyone is waking up, graphic design, guild wars, haggard, half-life 2, halifax, hating rap "music", having unlinked interests, holy fuck (the band), hypocritically enjoying prog-death metal, in-flight safety, interests no one understands, joanna newsom, joel plaskett, kary, kitties, lan parties, land of talk, led zeppelin, living in small towns, local music scenes, lotr, mac osx, martin dx-1 acoustic guitar, mogwai, more than likely going to hell, my unused facebook account, nine inch nails, nova scotia, oh god it's 5am, ohgr, opeth, our lady peace, photography, photoshop, playing my upright bass (lol), post-rock, progessive rock, quinpool road, robert downey jr, sigur ros, skinny puppy, taking boring sunset pictures, team fortress 2, the mars volta, this will destroy you, tigercopter, tool, ubuntu linux, warcraft, wintersleep, zergrush kekeke